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Why Ogbunka Town Forums?

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1 Why Ogbunka Town Forums? on Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:28 am


Welcome to Ogbunka Town Forums. OTF was created as an avenue to united all sons and daughters of Ogbunka Land everywhere in Nigeria and in Diaspora. It is also a platform for us to discuss different issues that affects our homeland.
We all come from the same community but can't be together in the same place and at the same time even if all children of Ogbunka come home at once. But with Ogbunka Town Forums, you can relate with anyone who is from Ogbunka, anywhere, anyday and anytime.
In short, see Ogbunka Town Forums as Ogbunka as a version of Ogbunka itself which has been cut out and put into the internet. Now you have an opportunity for your voice to be heard.
You can ask questions which you have been yearning answers for here in OTF and other member(s) who have the right answers will respond.
Discuss, contribute suggest and even criticize what ever issue you know, think or feel that is of relevant interest or can affect our fatherland here. we wish you all an exciting time here Very Happy

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